The Purpose of my artwork is to raise awareness about the inherent Unity, Order and Harmony of Creation, and of the urgent need for Human Beings on Earth to transcend duality consciousness, accept one another and unite.

With this website I hope to inspire a more conscious approach regarding our personal evolution and the purpose of our current presence on this planet. Within a cosmic outlook on life, I promote both Knowledge and Art – as facets of spirituality, and advocates of Oneness and Beauty of Creation.



  • If you WONDER why you experience what you experience,
    why life features injustice or suffering, and why days are becoming increasingly hectic
    and we have less time to do daily routines;
  • If you ASK YOURSELF about your purpose of dwelling on this planet or
  • If you BELIEVE in the better world, humanness, peace and unity,


I hope you will find something of value here – something relevant to your journey and useful for your understanding of who you are in a context that surpasses the boundaries of this world.


You have a colourful landscape to navigate through on this website, rich in both visual and audio content.
You can rest your eyes on images of some of my paintings, learn about sacred geometry or familiarise yourself with my books by watching a short video on each of them.

All my books are illustrated hence I would like to encourage you to watch these videos. That way you will be able to glimpse inside the books and notice their unique quality of illustrating spiritual concepts in an artistic way. 


For this reason, my books will engage you on many levels. They will offer you aesthetic values and beauty – which is very important for the nourishment of our soul.
I hope this, SPIRITUALITY THROUGH ART AND KNOWLEDGE, web platform inspires you towards the next higher version of yourself and the fulfilment of your celestial mission on Earth.


Think Cosmic / Recognise Oneness / Learn and Share / Support Unity / Create Harmony and Beauty / Strive to Be even Better / Embrace Change