This exciting collection of paintings, done in Chinese contemporary technique on rice paper, is a great illustration of a western artist mastering an oriental painting style.

Softcover; Illustrated in full colour
ISBN: 9781909323667
124 pages; Size: 20.3 x 20.3 cm

Exciting collection of paintings, done in Chinese contemporary technique on rice paper, is a great illustration of a western artist mastering an oriental painting style.

Unity – Harmony – Order are in the very foundation of the highest laws of Creation. Manifestation and beauty of this ever-present divine certainty are evident from micro to macro levels of life.

Light is one of the primordial creational forces. Each colour represents its specific vibrational aspect. Colours permeate and uniquely describe our environment – black being the source, or the total, of all of them. Forms around us are each a specific assemblage of energies. They are denser energy than the “empty” space of their surroundings.
After moving from watercolour to gauche, used in a manner of Chinese contemporary paintings on rice paper, I was able to paint the invisible with more technical tools in my hands. Hence, in my paintings, both realistic and abstract forms usually float in a field of vibrations not much different from their own colour.

The relationship between an object and its background is therefore organic, and of an unbreakable unity. Forms seem to appear as if the viewer has just sharpened their focus in a blink of an eye, to recognise a particular ephemeral configuration within the ongoing colour (energy) interplay.

Colours convey information by appealing to the core of our being, which is built upon Divine Light – Sound – Fire elements, Love and the power of Thought.
Paintings on rice paper featured in this book are impregnated with the awareness of those primordial forces. Energy waves and titrations are often explicitly depicted throughout the composition of a given work. Hence, colour harmony and exceptional calmness are both a starting point and the resulting attributes of this artwork.

Since all harmonies and beauty speak directly to our divine essence, regardless of the field in which I express myself, my artistic interest has always been to create and offer these values to society.

I wish you enjoy my aesthetic findings about the objective world
summed up in “COLOURS on rice paper”,


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