Illustrated, in full colour, this fifth book of the “MEMENTO 13” series directs the reader’s attention
to the complex connection between energy and form in its various areas of appearance.
It starts with the story of Genesis told through the language of geometry and the description of archetypal geometrical templates such as the seed of life, flower of life, fruit of life, tree of life, Metatron’s cube and Platonic solids.

Softcover; Illustrated in full colour 
ISBN: 9781909323155
72 pages; Size: 21 x 28cm

The chapter on Music gives an insight on acoustics and reveals the geometrical patterns behind sounds. The author focuses on Pythagoras, Plato, then Confucius, Guido de Arezo and Michael Schneider – all of whom were concerned with numbers and the geometry behind sound and music. Having connected colours and sounds, the author explains that ultimately the words we utter, and sentences we make, not only emanate sounds but colours as well; hence, whenever we talk we also paint invisible pictures.
Chapter “Messages behind shapes” starts by featuring the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim who explored the energetic influence of any given form of an object onto its immediate environment. This new scientific discipline focused on shape-emanated waves, which Dr Karim calls the BioGeometry, reveals the practical side of sacred geometry through its application in areas such as architecture, interior design, health and spiritual practices, agriculture, art, and design of furniture.

Author also elaborates on the studies of water, which have revealed the way an energy (energy quality) affects the form. With the introduction of the light formula, the chapter brings together numbers, geometry, letters, light, colour and the notion of meaning – all leading to a reflection on the power of Word. Explanation is also given on what the shapes tell us, and how by using the knowledge on the energy emanated by the very shape, could help us harmonise internally and with our environment, and so with the entirety of Creation. Author concludes that in the God’s workshop, shapes preserve viable proportions.

Riders are invited to awaken their inherent divine potential by being reminded that beauty will save the world.


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