through the Omega dimension

Illustrated with the 58 black and white artistic drawings, this writing is the author's testimonial on the positive changes "The Knowledge Book" has made on herself and represents a personal elucidation of that cosmic book. The significance of the renewed sentence “I am Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God” to the Time we live in and to our evolutionary path are explained, as well as the reasons for our coming to Earth.

Softcover; Black and white illustrated
ISBN: 9781909323018
100 pages; Size: 17 x 24.4 cm

The book focuses on the ultimate genetic destination of a human being and on the importance of energy from the Omega dimension to that process. The source of the Omega energy, the most efficient ways to assimilate it, and the resulting physical and spiritual transformation of an individual are described.
The human evolution is followed over the last 6000 years, and the rare light shed on the puzzling topics introduced in the sacred books (Resurrection, Last Judgement and Salvation) that resound from antiquity to the present day.

While elaborating on our current evolutionary needs and highlighting the cosmic aspect of human destiny, the answers are given to a plethora of existential questions such as: Why are we on this planet and why now? What are the reasons behind our experiences? How to recognise our choices? The book also describes what the Golden Age holds for us and how we can reach that future.

This compact writing offers a novel vista to those in search of a fresh perspective on the meaning of and fulfilment in life.


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